Oh Where, Oh Where Have I Been?

For those following this site and my Journey at Wealthy Affiliate or for those that have recently popped by, you all might be wondering where have I been?  Well, let me see if I can break things down for you! Read more

My Wealthy Affiliate Journey – July 2014

My journey at Wealthy Affiliate this month was a rather light one as it was vacation time for my family and I.  From spending a long holiday weekend at our camp in the mountains to our family trip to Virginia Beach, it was a very relaxing month.  In light of this I will not be following my normal monthly review format and will take more of a broad overview instead. Read more

Do You Have Priority Setting Skills?

Over the years in my career I have been to many training classes.  From these, one of the biggest things that I have learned was priority setting skills.  If you are already in the affiliate marketing business or just looking to get into it, this is definitely a tool that you will want to have available to you.  Before you get into the heart of this post, please take a couple minutes to watch the following video: Read more

Why Wealthy Affiliate Is My Success Network

Many of us are always looking for the secrets of success and today I would like to share with you how Wealthy Affiliate is my success network.  Since the first day I joined the program I knew I had found something special.  Not only was I learning how to make money online, I was learning how to do it right over the long run. Read more

Avoiding Distractions – Work Smart

When working from home to make money online, avoiding distractions is very important.  Today we will discuss this and take a look at how to work smart in your endeavors.  Now go grab a pen and a piece of paper as you will need it for this post, I’ll wait. Read more

My Wealthy Affiliate Journey – June 2014

My Wealthy Affiliate Journey for June of 2014 saw me laying some ground work for a project that I have been working on for the upcoming future.  It was also a solid month for content creation on both of my sites as well as sharing a lot of good information with the community at WA. Read more

The Best Way Of Building Self Confidence Is Experience

Affiliated Marketing can be a daunting task, but the best way of building self confidence is experience.  When I first started my journey at Wealthy Affiliate, I had a lot of doubts and was not sure if I was doing everything right.  However as time progressed, I found that the experience I earned along the way also built up my confidence. Read more

My FeedBlitz Review – Initial Stages

My FeedBlitz Review

After learning for the first few months of running my own sites online, I decided that is was time to add in an E-Mail subscription service to my sites.  I asked around at Wealthy Affiliate to get an idea of what service was good to use and after hearing this one several times, I signed up to try it out on my sites.  To date, this is what I think of the services that they provide. Read more

Don’t Judge On A Moment – See The Whole Picture

All too often I see people making judgments on a moment’s notice and not taking the whole picture into account.  I myself have always excelled at taking everything into account and wanted to share some of my thoughts with you.  When you take everything in before making a judgement, you are often able to get a lot more benefit from it. Read more

Learn How To Make Money Online – Affiliate Marketing

I wanted to learn how to make money online and thought that affiliate marketing sounded like the best way to do it.  I started looking around and before long I found Wealthy Affiliate and something just clicked for me.  I decided the totally free trial, that did not require a credit card was worth a shot. Read more